Property (asset) that an entity holds to earn rental income and/or capital appreciation

Definition: International Financial Reporting Standards


When you work with CODE Wealth, you have peace of mind knowing that the property investment advice you receive is fully supported by appropriate education, accreditation, standards and professional indemnity insurance. We’re with you every step of the way of your financial journey with a best practice analytical approach that allows you to successfully reach your financial destination .



Every CODE Wealth Property Investment Advisor is accredited and certified by the Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) and adheres to the PIAA’s professional code of conduct. You can rest assured that there are no property spruikers offering seminars or claiming to offer advice and education in wealth creation, albeit of a subjective nature. When you work with CODE Wealth you get complete transparency, disclosure and fact-based advice which intentionally avoids any conflicts of interest. We also have Professional Indemnity insurance as a result of our PIAA certification as added reassurance of our commitment to industry best practice.



CODE Wealth also complies with a number of external standards that are currently voluntary. These standards strongly reflect the Government’s latest legislation for Financial Planning standards as described in the FOFA legislation. All to provide you with a trusted

and results focused experience.


Fully Accredited Property Investment Advisors

 The successful investor also looks forward in time to get a clear understanding of everything involved in acquiring an investment property and the year-after-year commitments. You need to consider the resources required to manage, tenant and cover the various costs associated with holding the property. 


Whether your end goal is to liquidate your assets for varying needs or simply leave your property wealth to the next generation, the Wealth Builder Blueprint allows you to achieve the best investment property outcomes and define a clear exit strategy.


Ongoing Management

and Support



CODE Wealth can provide property investment advice and education that helps you establish a plan and set specific goals together with a firm strategy as well as ongoing management and support to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. 



Annual Reviews 



One (1) complimentary annual review is provided to each client (ongoing) who has engaged the services of an

Investment Property Advisor from CODE Wealth. This annual review will consist of but not

limited to the following;


  • Revisit the Wealth Builder Blueprint


  • Assessment of holding costs


  • Determine potential for further optimisation of portfolio


  • Review scenario modelling and provide market report updates


  • Establish any variations or changes to client circumstances


  • Set the next complimentary annual review date




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Wealth Builder Blueprint


At CODE Wealth, we use a consistent and proven wealth creation methodology called the Wealth Builder Blueprint. This allows us to share our in-depth knowledge and best practice processes to help you choose the right properties to give you for the best return on your investment. 


The successful purchase of any investment property or building of an investment property portfolio requires a logical sequence with a step-by-step approach and a clear vision of the end goal in mind.

The Wealth Builder Blueprint addresses this in the planning process;


The word puzzle comes from ‘pusle’ meaning bewilder, confound, jumbled. And depending which dictionary you seek, a puzzle is defined as, a game or problem that requires ingenuity, and often persistence in solving or assembling.


Investing in property can often appear like a jumbled puzzle – but the more pieces you can identify and are able to fit together the better your chances of getting the full picture and outcome you started out to achieve.


Sustainable wealth creation through property begins with the end in mind, and the relationships between the exit strategy, ability to hold investments over the timeframes required, and all the steps involved in the acquisition phase. At CODE Wealth we provide best practice tools to successfully de-code the property

investment puzzle. 

De-code the Property Investment Puzzle

CODE Wealth was created for “helping de-code the property investment puzzle”.



Sourcing the right properties

to match goals and 

investment strategy 

-the ACQUISITION phase




Able to sustainably cover

ongoing management, tenanting and financial costs in ownership

-the HOLDING phase




Beginning with the 

end in mind

-the EXIT phase