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Paul Gomez’s expert property/financial advice has ensured our family has a debt free and wealthy future. We first met Paul when we were struggling to pay our mortgage with three small boys and looked to owning our home in 30 years’ time or more. Sound familiar? Paul showed us a different way to create a strategy and structure our finances enabling us to own our home sooner, build a property portfolio, live comfortably and plan for a debt free future. Within a few months we had purchased a second property! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could ever do that! Today, we are looking to purchase our third property and living comfortably and financially secure – far from the struggle street we were on prior to meeting Paul.


Paul Gomez is a brilliant property investment advisor and an honest, hard working family man who treats his clients like part of his family with their best interests always at the forefront of his mind. He helps you on your way to financial freedom and continues to provide ongoing support. Paul has changed our lives for the better and we are forever grateful to him. No longer do we have to worry about our financial future or our children’s. Thank you Paul!





- NSW Central Coast

I have previously had the pleasure of engaging in property investment advice with Paul whereby he educated me on the importance of creating a personal strategy before even purchasing my first investment property in Sydney. Paul and his team were faultless in their attention to detail and extensive knowledge in both planning and their analytical approach to property selection. As I reside in QLD and constantly travel, I rely heavily on professional advice, trust and support. Integrity in my opinion is about ‘doing the right thing when nobody is watching’; Paul has an abundance of integrity along with the unequivocal desire to always put my best interests first. In line with my strategy, I am in a position to purchase my next investment this year so without question CODE Wealth will again be entrusted with the task. Having already referred them to many family and friends, I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone looking for genuine property investment advisors.



Garry Bentancor


- QLD Australian Defence Force

Being first time investors, the truth is we really didn’t know where to start. Thanks to Paul and his detailed advice and guidance, we were able to pave the way for our children’s future. His systematic approach and proven methodologies just consolidated how much there is to consider when investing in property and especially when having to align to a personalised strategy. We are completely unbiased in recommending Code Wealth to family, friends and any client that is serious about achieving a financial goal through property investing. The level of expertise provided in our dealings has definitely encouraged us to seek Paul’s services again next year.

Mario & Monica Riquelme


- NSW Central Coast

Grant Epple


- NSW Performance Improvement Manager


I was reluctant when I first started looking into purchasing an investment property. I had some money to invest and already having shares, I knew I wanted to look at property although had no idea where to begin. I started to look at investment opportunities in my local area and had lots of discussions with Real estate agents, but I did not feel comfortable as all they really wanted to do was sell the property to anyone without considering my situation. I didn’t know where the best capital gains were likely or if that type of property was even the best option for me.

Fortunately, I was highly recommended to seek advice from Paul Gomez at Code Wealth. And it was evident right from the onset that he was a well-informed professional. I was quickly educated that to invest in property the last consideration is in fact the actual property! Paul diligently assisted me in establishing a strategy specific to my personal objectives and financial position. He understood my risk appetite and also determined my risk profile which was important considering I’m relatively inexperienced and support a young family.


Paul really took the time to ensure I was comfortable with the process, answered all of my questions and ensured I was better educated to ultimately make my own decisions. The overall guidance, including where, when and what to invest in, simply consolidated the complete service offered by Code Wealth. It is for this reason that I enthusiastically recommend Paul and his team to anyone looking at experiencing real property investment advice. I will definitely re-engage with the company for my next investment.