Forrester Cohen’s Investment Advisor partners such as CODE Wealth are working with their clients to define their strategy and then select suitable properties in sustainable high growth areas to support  Capital growth can add more value to your property than you can earn through your personal effort each year. Most clients are seeking to buy multiple properties to create a portfolio to support income replacement for retirement lifestyles and choices. However, many are distracted by the glamour and prestige of some properties, others are uncertain and purchase a property in an area nearby. All of them are hoping they are successful.


A strategy provides a plan for property investment and will identify whether they are on track for their goals and are achieving what is required. Few investors understand how to plan this and even fewer have professional tools to support virtual testing of proposed plans to enable

selection of the best.


CODE Wealth advisors have access to an independent platform created by Forrester Cohen International with independent market intelligence and tools to support modelling of opportunities from a large range of properties. This enables the provision of quality fact-based advice and further supports the client’s choices with complete impartiality.

Property Investment Advisors from CODE Wealth possess educational qualifications in property investment, hold professional indemnity insurance and have access to property and sophisticated web based modelling tools to create scenarios for clients to discuss and consider.

Along with managing…




 1. Conflict of Interest

Management of conflict of interest for advice professionals


2. Property

 Access suitable property investment property from quality suppliers


3. Fee Distribution

Provision of fees to Property Investment Professionals supporting Client's Best Interests

"Helping investors make

 better decisions"



Key Macro Drivers – Population growth, Finance availability, Employment, Infrastructure and Government Policy


days on market (DOM)  =

relationship between supply & demand


median price (MP) =

timing of local market cycle


type of property (TP) =

house, apartment, other


1. WHERE -

2. WHEN - 

3. WHAT - 

days on market (DOM)  = relationship between supply & demand

median price (MP) = timing of local market cycle                        

type of property (TP) = house, apartment, other