The first meeting is completely free of charge and free of obligation.

Depending on any next steps you choose to take and comfort with the value of the services on offer, fees may be applicable thereafter.







Q: Can we meet in my home in the evening?

 Our qualified Advisors are professionals who work standard business hours from

Monday to Friday. The flexibility on offer for the first appointment is the option to

meet in our office or yours if situated within Sydney CBD. Our actual office is located

in Walker Street, North Sydney.

For interstate clients we can arrange an advisor to visit Face-to- face in conjunction

with demand from other clients in the same state (appointment to be confirmed).




Q: Do we need to have my partner present for this first meeting?



Q: Who is

Forrester Cohen?

 It is highly recommended that you are both present as this the most important

meeting of all for goals and time frames. Experience has shown that a concise

understanding and congruency of your shared goals is paramount for sound strategic



Forrester Cohen is a software company that support client’s best interests’ property

investment advice. It has created a marketplace for Property Investment Advisors to

access investment property without the conflict of interest of a developer

relationship. It refers you to a vendor’s agent only if you want to purchase a

property, and the advisor continues to work in your best interests. Fees are also

client’s best interests and fully disclosed. Additionally, Forrester Cohen provides

advisors with independent market intelligence and tools to enable the provision of

quality fact based advice.




Q: Who is

CODE Wealth?



Q: What are THE

code wealth services?


 CODE Wealth is an ethical property investment advisory company. CODE Wealth’s

ethical standards include sector recognised educational qualifications; The Property

Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) membership and integration of its code of

conduct into its business standards including factual due diligence; and professional

indemnity (PI) insurance for the advice. This is very different from a real estate

based service promoting property first, with professional indemnity insurance for

the transfer of the title only,

under real estate cover.


 CODE Wealth provides three services:


1. Strategic research for the self-directed client;

2. Full property investment advice for investors wanting transparent choices

3. Mentoring plus strategy services for those seeking to manufacture growth or acquire considerable property in a short period of time


Please ask for more information at your initial appointment.




Q: Can I still find my own property after CODE Wealth formulates my personal strategy?



Q: How do I know if everything is above board?

Absolutely. CODE Wealth can assist you to establish your very own customised strategy and document it in a structured format for your record-keeping.


You ultimately own your own document and therefore retain possession at all times and

can use this to purchase property.



Q: How does

CODE Wealth get paid should a property be purchased AS WELL?

 The Forrester Cohen platform provides client’s best interests fees if a property is chosen from the platform.  The fees are allocated on the basis of the role’s contribution to the client experience which is distributed amongst research providers, listing agents and the like. As a consequence, no additional fees are charged to the actual client for support in sourcing the property most relevant to their strategy. Any properties required to be sourced external to the platform may incur a buyer’s agent fee. These will be fully disclosed to you in your property investment advice document, the Statement of Property Investment

Advice (SoPIA).


Please ask any other questions you have at your first meeting.





 Property investment advice is an unregulated sector in two ways. Firstly, for the advice that is given, and secondly for the claims that are made about the property.


CODE Wealth wants you to know you are in good hands. It complies with a number of external standards that are currently voluntary. These strongly reflect the

Government’s latest legislation for Financial Planning standards as described in the

FOFA legislation, as this sector moves closer to advice professional business standards. It also has an experienced talent bank to support robust property investment strategy.


  • Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) membership requires CODE Wealth to comply with an active code of conduct. If you have any concerns about the advice you have been given and wish to escalate your concerns, please contact PIAA at Importantly, PIAA has a disciplinary procedure where a group of peers assess the business process and the concerns. They have authority to take the action to expel a member should they be found to be non-compliant.
  • Professional indemnity insurance is currently offered as a bespoke policy to each business applicant. CODE Wealth has applied and achieved this policy based on its business processes, published operations manual and considerable business experience in risk management practices. This insurance requires its advisors to comply with professional advice standards. This means the collection of accurate client information; the presentation of factual property information with dates and independent/ethical sources; and, documented personalised investment strategies plus contemporaneous notes for each client meeting. In the unlikely event of an issue the client has a low cost option to approach the company’s PI insurer for compensation rather than pursuing self-funded litigation. If your property investment advisor is not adhering to these business standards, please consider the risks to your capital; and the impact on the results you are seeking to achieve.
  • Are members of the Forrester Cohen community with its client’s best  interests’ property investment marketplace. Client advisors and vendor’s agents are clearly separated by role and business process; and fees are provided as client best interest via an audited escrow account.


  • All Advisors hold recognised educational qualifications for property investment advice and have access to a talent bank that have created passive income for their clients.